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Asian Spanking

Spanking and Corporal Punishments in Asian Countries

Asian girls are aware, as a part of their culture and tradition, that disobedience, truculence, bad conduct or criminal behavior will result into tears, shame and a sore bottom. They learn their lessons quickly, from intense and regular spankings across the knee of their educators. It becomes much more difficult and painful when they grow older, when dreaded implements like the strap, the wooden paddle and most of all the cane are the only reasonable response to misbehavior and disrespect, sometimes even on a daily basis if required. You will hardly find an Asian girl who did not make this experience, when she found herself in the corner, with tears running down her face, with her sore and swollen bottom exposed after a well-deserved thrashing, typically applied in front of family members, friends or workmates, to add further embarrassment.

Strange HotelA is looking for a place to stay for a trip with her friend Maina on a budget website. Most hotels are full of reservations, but one is strangely inexpensive, and A clicks the button to make a reservation without looking at the contents carefully.
Spanked Mature WomanTwo short films. The first is about a mature female prisoner who is punished by a young guard. The second one is about a school doctor who is punished by a student for her sexual harassment.
Peeping - Punishment In Guidance RoomMeina, Miwa and a male student are chattering in the classroom. Then, Meina is called to the guidance teacher by a school announcement. This episode is filmed through the viewpoint of the male student.
Men's BriefsAfter becoming a college student, Airu starts to live alone, which she has longed for. However, her life is soon disrupted. One day, she has a sudden visit from her mother.
Naughty Sisters SpankedMaina gets a failing grade and tries to tear up the answer sheet. When her older sister finds it, Maina asks the sister not to tell their mother about it on the condition that she receives a spanking from her older sister…
The Birthday PresentAiru and Yuzu are invited by their older friend to her birthday party. They forget to bring the birthday presents and ask their friend what she would like. This story is filmed from the friend 's POV.
Disrespectful JodieWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
Spanking Content CreatorSeira became a star on social media by posting pictures of her butt to her thousands of followers. Rina is taking pictures of her, but becomes infatuated with Seira's popular butt.
Stress Relief - Chapter IISequel to 'Stress Relief'. After receiving her spanking, Nanami wants to spank Izuna to relieve her stress for good. She has the perfect way to help relieve her stress.
Career Woman's DisasterAt the company that Airu works for, there is a rule that the employee with the lowest monthly sales performance is given a spanking by the boss. Airu used to make fun of other employees who had poor performance, but that all changed when the Corona disaster arrived.
InterrogationRina is interrogated for a crime she didn't commit. During the interrogation, Rina refuses to admit her guilt, but the interrogator gets angry and spanks her. However, during the spanking, there is a knock at the door...
Lesson From Mother In Law IISumire is a young wife but her mother-in-law, who loves her son, is unusually strict with her. Sumire is given a spanking for her poor performance on house-cleaning and cooking.
Visit From Strict MotherSumire recently got married to a rich man and lives a lazy life. But one day she gets a sudden visit from her strict mother and gets her lesson to learn what a married woman should be.
Halloween JengaYukari and Miwa play a three-game Jenga match on Halloween night. The winner of each game spanks the loser ten times. Finally, the girl who loses two games gets 20 slaps on her bare bottom!
Tokyo Lynn Gets SpankedTokyo Lynn missed her appointment with Clare Fonda. Madam Clare is not happy. She shows Tokyo what happens when you break the rules in her business. She puts Tokyo over her knee for a painful spanking, lecturing her on the errors of her ways. First ever spanking scene for the big bottomed porn star.
Pretend To Be HonestMeina's mother is troubled by her daughter's behavior. She scolds her daughter when she misbehaves, but her daughter does not seem to be reforming at all, and the mother's patience is nearing her limit.
Apology On Behalf Of SonRemi's son broke a windowpane of a neighbor's house while playing ball. On behalf of her son, Remi visits the house to apologize. What does the victim demand as an apology?
At Teacher's OfficeMaina is called to the teachers' office. She is scolded about her class attitude and has her baggage inspected. Then she is soundly spanked by her teacher for the violations of school rules.

Did you know that spanking is a common practice in most Asian countries? And that is for a good reason!

By tradition, corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure is still common practice in most Asian countries. In school, in universities, even at the workplace during apprenticeship, and of course most frequently, applied at home. Now you may wonder, what are we telling here? Isn't this all fiction? Or is it indeed true?? Well, we know the answer, but investigate yourself, you will be surprised!

Ask Yourself :

How come that some of the most educated students, the most respectful girlfriends and wives, and some of the most successful business ladies are coming from Asian countries? You see what we mean?

MainaYuuReflection While Standing In The CornerMaina, who has done something wrong is given a good spanking by her mother. After the spanking she is ordered to stand in the corner showing her red bottom. And then…
IzunaNanamiReward And PunishmentThis is a video of reward and punishment with commentary by President Nanami. The best employee of the month is praised with a certificate and a reward, while the employee with the lowest performance is punished with a spanking.
MainaMikiRinaLive Report At A Girl's BarRina gives a live interview at a girl's bar. There, she finds an applicant getting spanked by the lady of the house. Rina tries to interview them, but she then has an unexpected experience.
KotomiYurinaJealous GirlfriendKotomi is jealous that her girlfriend always gets flirted owith when they go out shopping together. She vents her frustration by spanking her.
YuiYukoNostalgic Roommate's RevengeYuko and Yui have been living together for a few months, and Yui has been enjoying the spankings Yuko gives her. However, Yuko is about to become the one getting spanked!
FukaRemiSwitch On And OffFuka the student wakes the class teacher up and gives her a stern spanking for sleeping during class. But it turns out to be Fuka's dream.
NoaRemiSpanker's Eye View IIRemi, who has a taste for spanking, spanks her submissive partner over the knee. You can view the spanking from the spanker's eye view as well as the normal angles.
KotomiYurinaStep Sister's HobbyKotomi's older stepsister, Yurina, enjoys casually slapping Kotomi's butt. Kotomi is getting frustrated with it, and decides to give Yurina a spanking! However, it isn't long before Yurina turns the tables on her younger stepsister.
ArisaQuitting the motorcycle gangArisa, whose graduation is coming up soon, wishes to leave the motorcycle gang she belongs to. She visits the leader of the team, only to find herself getting a stern spanking to 'bury' the past.
YukiPlaying with Friend's MomNao has fantasized about her friend's mother's sexy bottom. She visits the mother to spank and play with the mom when her friend is away.
AyakoRinaJealousy Part 1Ayako has been a top announcer for HSP station for years. However, her seat is threatended by a young girl Rina. Jealous Ayako finds fault with the young girl and gives her a stern spanking.
EmiriMikiNew Employee's TrainingSevere boss Miki is away on a trip, so Emiri thinks her poor bottom is safe. However, Miki returns unexpectedly to redden that ass once again with a sound spanking!
AyakoRemiThe TragedyAyako, a young announcer, is trapped into receiving a hard spanking by Remi, a senior announcer who hates her. The older woman makes a photographer film the spanking completely.
KarinA Ladys Special Request - Part IIThe next day the lady visits the brothel again. She wants to spank Karin on that day. In this part Karin unwillingly accepts her request and receives a stern spanking on her bare bottom!
AyakoRinaJealousy Part 2Several days later Rina tells Ayako that she would like to return the favor. She talks about the scandals that Ayako has done to become a top announcer. Ayako has to accept her junior's 'returning the favor'.
IchigoIchigo the spankeeIchigo, a boarder, is getting into a spanking. It is fulfilled only in her fantasy - She is spanked soundly by a House Mother for bedwetting.
Career Woman's WeaknessShoko is a CEO gifted with both wits and beauty. She is a career woman who can do will in everything, but the only thing she can't handle is a dentist's drill. One day, the pain in her tooth becomes intolerable...
Bbisexual spankeeYuu happens to meet Yuu, her former tutor, on the street. In this part the story features the spanking Yui received in her school days from the tutor.
Teacher And Student's Mother - Part 2The teacher, who was punished by the student's mother, goes to the student's room to apologize to her. But soon the teacher returns with angry look.
Spanking PhotoshootA model is doing a photoshoot, but the photographer starts to get frustrated. She starts to smack the model on the butt after every mistake, but the model doesn't seem to mind it...
Soft-Hearted Mother, Severe AuntA young girl is confronted by her mother after coming home with a bad report from school. The girl is spanked over her mother's lap but it is not severe. The mother's sister comes in to relieve the mother of the spanker role.The girl gets the worst spanking of her life that she won't ever forget!
More Birthday PresentsVery erotic female/female spanking video from Asia. After spanking each other, the friend gives them another card. Inside there's note saying 'Now, I want you to spank me'.
Pick Up ArtistA mature woman approaches a younger girl in a bar and compliments her. She touches the girl and invites her to come back to her apartment.
Spankee's Eye, Spanker's EyeA daughter comes home late again and is given a sound spanking by her mother. You can view this spanking from the spanker's eye view as well as the spankee's view.
Mature Woman SpankedShort film. A mature woman is forced to bend over the table, and given a harsh hand spanking by two young girls.
The Spanking TheatreYurina hears that there is a theater in a nearby house that puts on some shows. One day she visits the house and sees the lady of the house.
Severe Lesson From AuntNao comes home late. Having been caught, she is severely spanked by her aunt. This episode follows along Nao's talking.
Help me, Mom!Nao is spanked by her stepmother. During the spanking, her real mother arrives and helps Nao get her revenge on the stepmother. The stepmom gets a red bottom from a stern spanking from the stepdaughter and her mom.
Girls Band's RegulationShort film. Ena, a member of a girls' band, is given a spanking over her leather pants by the leader of the band for her repeated mistakes while performing live.
Spy on Sister's SpankingShort film. Shiho hears a noise from her big sister's room and finds the sister getting spanked by their mother. Shiho is then caught and forced to sit and watch her sister's spanking by the mom.
Sisters in law 2014Yui has a visit from Yuu, her older sister-in-law, and gets interested in spanking while they are talking. Yui spanks her sister out of curiosity, followed by a role reversal thrashing!
A Little Help From Big SisterYuko and her little sister Yui have lived next door to me since we were little. This weekend, I'm staying at their place. Who knows, maybe something might happen?
Proof of PunishmentEmiri and her mother visit the house of Emiri's classmate to apologize for hurting her. The mother spanks Emiri there and promises to punish her her again when they get home.
Spanking from friend's mother IINoa, who is interested in spanking, visits her friend's mother to ask her own punishment as she hears about the spanking her friend got.
Dream Of Christmas - Chapter 2Yurina is woken up by her mother and realizes she was the one who was out all night. She is given a harsh spanking by her angry mother and her younger sister.
Miki's Punishment Live StreamMiki, a live streamer, has caused trouble for a lot of viewers because of a mistake. She live-streams her punishment as her apology. Miki meets Maiko, a staff member of a punishment club.
Spanking Her Anger AwayYukari and Rina have been fighting a lot recently. Rina decides enough is enough and spanks her anger away.
Airu talksAiru talks about her punishment/spanking she receives from her teacher and her mother. This episode follows along her talking.
Soccer Crazy - Part 1Rina is excited with the soccer game between Home and Visitor team. She plans to watch the game with her friend Seira and her mother. However, when they arrive, they are wearing the opponent team's T-shirts.
Diary Of Nurse RisaNurse Risa upset with a younger nurse over repeated improprieties, administers an OTK spanking. However Risa is given her own punishment by the clinic's doctor for paying insufficient attention to the young nurse. Yuzuna plays a young nurse and a doctor.

Spanking Asian Girls
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Be Good At Being YouKim Chi is in serious trouble. She's been suspended from school for copying another student in a test. Paul makes the point that not only is it wrong, copying is pointless and removes Kim's free expression of her own opinions and abilities. Kim is going to have her bottom paddled, hard.
Aileen In Raw EggsNaugty Aileen has a real fun putting a raw egg into one of Alex's shoes. The fun is not anymore on her side, when he finds out what the girl has done. Very soon her beautiful face is full of tears ...
A Hundred TimesJodie finds herself on all fours on bed, fully naked, to do her homework, while the Headermaster is spanking her relentlessly with the tawse, until her work is finally complete.
A Risque Method - Mei Mara With ChelseaMei was at her usual weekly visit with me, her therapist. And having been encouraged to speak up and express her feelings, she revealed something very interesting. She'd been spanked on a first date with someone she really liked and had like it!
PJ Spanking TimeKoko Kitten and Sarah Gregory have already had one spanking battle. But now that Sarah is looking for a place to stay for a while, another spanking battle is in store. This time Sarah spanks Koko in her dropseat PJs before Koko gets her revenge. And they even use a leather paddle.
A Caning For Marijuana Possession - Yumi Feels The Bite Of RattanYumi Bennett's yelps as she's caned on her bare skin tells everyone at Private School that having a small stash of marijuana earns severe punishment. Hands on a low table, Yumi presents her ripe curves for John Friday's stinging rattan cane.
Good Girl Gone BadUnfortunately Alex is coming home earlier than expected and finds the girl tarted up in the bathroom. After a short discussion, he takes the girl right over his knee for a sound spanking first over her skirt and very soon on her her bared cheeks ...
Sarah Gregory Meets KokoSarah Gregory is willing to do anything to represent hot new artist Koko Kitten, even take a hard spanking from her in her own office. But she figures out that Koko is not exactly who she claims to be, so a revenge spanking is in order. Two good hand spankings from the two spanking superstars!
Spanking LystraThis remastered scene stars Lystra, who once asked us if she could do something involving spanking. She is interviewed by Clare Fonda, who also plays her step-mom. And Kay Richards plays her babysitter, who was allowed to spank her.
Real Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 1Preview from Real Spankings, one of the biggest membership sites for corporal punishments and spanking video downloads. They offer a massive amount of more than 1,300s Punishment Video Scenes and 10,000s of Photos.
Wayward WivesPaul takes his belt off to give Ginger a well-deserved leathering. Having seen the effectiveness of this method of domestic discipline, James decides that Koko too should also get a spanking. All in all a painful and embarrassing end to the evening for both girls.
Lola Spanked by Mom: Day TwoLola Chan has not learned her lesson. When her mom (An Li) walks into her bedroom, Lola continues to sass her and when she says 'screw you' her mom puts her over her knee for another long, hard spanking on her already sore bottom. And this time, she even uses a hairbrush.
Interview With PeachesPeaches is being interviewed at Real Spankings about her experiences in spanking and corporal punishments. Throughout the interview she is being spanked every few minutes on her jeans shorts and and on her bare bottom, with various implements such as the strap, the bathbrush and the Lexan Paddle.
Madam Clare Spanks Madi LaineMadi Laine is a cute new worker that Madam Clare Fonda has taken under her wing. But when she finds out that Madi ditched a client because they had a disagreement over politics, Clare teaches Madi a lesson in discretion with a sound spanking over her knee. Madi is red and sore after this.
Introducing Koko KittenKoko Kitten is a beautiful little Asian brat, and she can take a very hard spanking. If you are not already familiar with her work, you are in for a treat. We get to know Koko a bit better as she has been sent to visit the Headmistress: Miss Ginger Sparks.
Introducing Kim ChiPlease give a warm welcome to the newest spankee at Northern Spanking, Kim Chi. Here seen failing to perform her secretarial obligations duties. She is taken to task for it by Alex Reynolds, with a wooden ruler in her hand, applied on Kim's bare bottom.
Zero ToleranceWhen his senior administrative staff engage in a campaign of in-person and online bullying of some new, younger colleagues, company director Mr Johnson needs to make an example of them.
Online DatingIn this sensual and intimate spanking scene, Alex Reynolds meets beautiful Ondrea Lee at a hotel for a casual encounter. Alex takes command right away, exposing Ondrea's sparkly pink thong and feeling how wet the fabric of her little panties is. But Alex is not finished yet.
Blistering Brat Discipline - Final SwatsShe sobs unrestrained as she takes the hardest swats of her life with a heavy strap and paddle. She knows she thoroughly deserves every lick of her spanking and will be a better behaved girl for it.
GBS Classics - Where Have You Been?Jody is in real trouble. Headmaster Tom found out that Jody has not been in school as she was supposed to be, but rather made a stupid decision… she went to the cinema instead! A terribly long and terribly severe caning in the cellar room is what's coming next.
Spanking Kim ChiKim Chi was spanked by her mom (played by Snow Mercy) growing up. We re-enact one of her spankings she got for wearing her mom's high heels without asking and then flashing some very poor attitude. Snow Mercy plays her mom. Fed up, Mom bends Kim over in the kitchen, using the dreaded wooden spoon.
Caned Over LunchJames has cause to discipline his pretty assistant, Koko, for forgetting to record an important lunch appointment in his diary. After taking Koko across his lap and taking her panties down for a spanking, James informs her that she is now going to be punished again, in front of Mr Kennedy.
The New Soccer CoachTurning up late for her first practice with the new Coach turns out to be a huge mistake and Koko quickly discovers that Mr Johnson's reputation as a disciplinarian is fully deserved. Not only does Koko suffer a humiliating spanking, she is made to strip for some physically exercise.
Episode 92: Koko vs. SarahLong time members Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory square off in the kitchen as they each get a chance to spank each other with hand and a painful spatula. Who will win this power exchange? Which of the two disciplinarians can spank harder? Check it out to get the answers.
New Resident AsiaHe asks her if she's going to behave in future and she quietly answers yes. Even though she has agreed to stick to the school rules, Michael says he's going to give her a final eight strokes of the carpet beater and she is to count each stroke and thank him for it.
Introducing Kim ChiPlease welcome Kim Chi... Her bottom turns a beautiful shade of red underneath the fishnets and it is time for the next spankings without the 'protection' of her lingerie. Placed over the bed, bottom stuck out, she is spanked by hand and with a black teardrop leather paddle.
The Laundry RoomShe is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.
Kim Chi - Not Funny!Following a particularly violent incident on the volleyball court, schoolgirl Kim Chi finds herself sent to the Headmaster, without even being allowed to change out of her PE Kit. The Headmaster is incensed and delivers a fiery lecture before informing Kim that she is to be caned.
Good Bye to AileenAlmost on his way out, Alex gives a short Good Bye to Aileen - unaware that this really naughty girl is sticking a big paper on his back with the title 'I am gay' on it. Her buttocks are very soon red and bruised and tears are falling down ...
Juno - Tawse, Cane & Paddle - Photo GalleryBut Juno is wearing an outfit that would be more suitable for going out clubbing, rather than visiting Vanny's parents. This time she is bent over a spanking horse and is made to submit to a tawsing, a caning and a heavy wooden paddling. Triple owie! The level of this punishment is severe.
Aileen's Spelling TestNew girl Aileen is not really in the mood to learn her german vocabulary. When Alex enters the room - asking if she has learned anything she affirms to him that she has learned everything. Alex starts a spelling test and soon finds out, that this lazy girl has learned nothing.
Teacher Snow Spanks Kim ChiWhen teacher Snow Mercy hears about Kim Chi posing as a teacher in order to spank other students, Snow marches into her office and gives Snow a very hard spanking over her knee and also bends her over her desk for some whacks with a wooden ruler.
Lola Chan (featuring An Li as mom)Spanked Sweeties is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites.The prettiest girls- some have been spanked before and tell us all about it and some have never had their bottoms spanked before - they get sooo RED!
Koko Kitten SpankingKoko Kitten was not spanked growing up, but she embraces all things spanking as a grownup. She has worked at a dungeon and talks about that and many other spanking experiences and we re-enact a role-play with Koko and as a bad student. The teacher is played by John Osborne.
16 Strokes Of The Cane For Cheating On A Test: Yumi Bennett Pays A Painful PriceThe whistle and meaty thwack of a springy rattan cane across Yumi Bennett's bare bottom sends a clear message to any student thinking of cheating at Private School. 'The sound of the cane as it swings through the air is scary,' admits Yumi, 'and the sting is really sharp'.
Lola Spanked by Mom: Day OneLola Chan is being bratty to her mom (played by An Li). She refuses to go out and meet Mom's party guests. Lola protests that she's too old for a spanking and she is embarrassed that they party guests can hear, but Mom doesn't stop until Lola learns her lesson.
Vanny Spanks Juno - Photo GalleryJuno's grades are flagging, so she asks her straight A classmate Vanny to tutor her after school, then shows up for their study session forty minutes late! He spanks her and spanks her, and she, a willful, stubborn girl, takes a very good deal of spanking before she starts whimpering.
Girl Trouble 9 - Variety Show - Part 1When the IT department determines Nyssa was the cause of the malicious computer virus being spread throughout the company, her boss Beverly informs her the warnings are done and gives her a red hot OTK spanking.
Phoebe's Unexpected PunishmentAndy takes her friend Phoebe Kali over her lap for a spanking. Phoebe doesn't put up much of a fight as this whole scenario is so unexpected but she also knows that what she did was wrong. Andy takes the hand spanking further by shaming, scolding then getting to smack Phoebe's beautiful bare bottom.
Not In Front Of My FriendsKoko makes an horrendous mistake in belittling James's concerns and finds herself on the receiving end of some domestic discipline... Koko's embarrassment at being spanked in front of Alex and Ginger is compounded, when James up-ends her for a diaper position spanking with her hairbrush.
Punished Brats Classics - Young TeacherNyssa is having difficulty in accepting her role as an authority figure. Headmaster Pierson gives his young charge a lesson she will not soon forget as her spanks her to tears. With Nyssa Nevers and David Pierson.
Brat Get The Belt And Paddle With Their Pants DownWith her pants pulled down her purple splotched bottom is exposed for more harsh belt whipping. The paddle swats fall hard and relentless, turning her bottom solid purple as she sobs. She was given a short break to rub her punished flesh and collect her composure before continuing her discipline.

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