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Breakfast Mess

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Simone

The Headmaster hardly believe his eyes: the kitchen looks like a mess! All the efforts that he did to teach the girls that a clean kitchen is of importance for a tidy household... And they have learned nothing! But who was in charge for cleaning the kitchen this week at all? The Headmaster makes a clear decision and announces that ALL girls will receive a punishment for the situation, if the delinquent who was in charge does not admit her lapse. And so it turns out that it was Simone. Which comes as a surprise, as Simone did not attract negative attention since a long time, But the Headmaster is not in a mood for making an exception.His anger about this filthy kitchen is just too big. Across his knees, a spanking on her bare bottom, followed by numerous blows with the large wooden paddle, is waiting for Simone.

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