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A Hundred Times

Jodie, spanking, m/f, strap, asian

Emma and Jodie are facing the wall, with their trouser pulled down, exposing their sore bottoms. 2 hours have passed since they received a corporal punishment for fighting at school. In addition, they were both requested to write 100 lines: Fighting at school is strictly forbidden. Well done by Emma, but just what did Jodie think she was doing, when she tried to cheat the Headmaster? Seriously, did she believe he wouldnt find out that 20 lines were missing?? As you all know, Headmaster Tom is a rigid person, not available for discussions or abstruse explanations.So Jodie finds herself on all fours on bed, fully naked, to write the missing 20 lines, while the Headermaster is spanking her relentlessly with the tawse, until the 100 lines are finally complete.

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