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Reform School Girl Kyra

Kyra, asian, bdsm, m/f, otk, paddle, spanking, uniform

Kyra is an enticing Asian schoolgirl, looking innocent in her demure outfit. She's a good girl - but one who has misbehaved. She was caught masturbating, as well as without panties, and with another girl in her bed, etc. Her school file is growing. So, her parents and teachers send her over to a reform school. There, she gets taught a lesson she won't forget by the Headmaster and his young and lovely female assistant Katia. Kyra's punishment, in spite of her crying and begging, includes spanking, enemas (even milk ones!), bondage, hot wax, nipple clamps, ice cubes and paddling.She's also made to pee in a bucket, and to expel her enemas there, too, in front of the Schoolmaster - and often on his lap!

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