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Hogtie Enemas and Caning in Suspension for Schoolgirl Leila

Spanking, bdsm and asian preview images, FEATURING:Leila

Schoolgirl Leila is petite, looks angelic, and claims innocence when sent to a Reform School for some serious misdeeds. However, as the Schoolmaster delivers a brutal corporal punishment, Leila reveals her true self: a feisty, unrepentant fireball of a girl! Leila's extended ordeal includes hogtie bondage, spanking, caning, multiple enemas, hot wax, and having to suck the Schoolmaster's cock and taste his cum. The Schoolmaster places Leila on a sex swing, and proceeds to spank her, paddle her with a riding crop, and cane her.Then he strips her completely naked and applies hogtie bondage, nipple clamps and a clit clamps. For extra humiliation, Leila's ass gets stuffed with a pig-tail butt plug, and her mouth gets stuffed up with the Schoolmaster's cock! But first he uses her feet to gratify his cock. Next, it's milk enemas with a huge squeeze bulb, a water enema from a bag, with a large nozzle and a flow meter.

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