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Asian Spanking

All about Spanking and Corporal Punishment in Asian Countries

Asian girls are aware, as a part of their culture and tradition, that disobedience, truculence, bad conduct or criminal behavior will result into tears, shame and a sore bottom. They learn their lessons quickly, from intense and regular spankings across the knee of their educators. It becomes much more difficult and painful when they grow older, when dreaded implements like the strap, the wooden paddle and most of all the cane are the only reasonable response to misbehavior and disrespect, sometimes even on a daily basis if required. You will hardly find an Asian girl who did not make this experience, when she found herself in the corner, with tears running down her face, with her sore and swollen bottom exposed after a well-deserved thrashing, typically applied in front of family members, friends or workmates, to add further embarrassment.

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Apr 18Career Woman's WeaknessShoko is a CEO gifted with both wits and beauty. She is a career woman who can do will in everything, but the only thing she can't handle is a dentist's drill. One day, the pain in her tooth becomes intolerable...
Apr 09Forgotten HomeworkNao has been neglecting to turn in her homework, preferring to play a new video game instead. Her teacher, Erika has asked to see her after class, and decides to give her a spanking.
POV - Co-Workers PunishmentKanon and her co-worker Nozomi are called in to see the head nurse, and are told they will be given a punishment. This episode is shown from the viewpoint of Nozomi.
Help me, Mom!Nao is spanked by her stepmother. During the spanking, her real mother arrives and helps Nao get her revenge on the stepmother. The stepmom gets a red bottom from a stern spanking from the stepdaughter and her mom.
Escaped PrisonerWhile relaxing in her apartment, Rina's doorbell rings and she opens the door without seeing who it is. She is threatened by an escaped prisoner who has entered in, but then later things take an unexpected turn...
In TranceShort film. Junko and Miku put each other under hypnosis and fall into a trance. They suddenly cry, laugh and spank each other. Mysterious forces are at work.
Gluttony - From 'Seven Deadly Sins'I am going to use the power of God to punish those who commit the seven deadly sins. This time I will punish a girl who goes to gym to lose weight, but cheats on her diet.
Advice from FatherA mother scolds her daughter in the Japanese room. The mother calls her husband and gets his advice - he recommends giving the daughter a severe spanking.
Spanking in the FutureRio and Ryo are living together in an apartment. When Rio is leaving on a trip Ryo stays behind tries the hologram for giving the older girl a nice spanking.
Disciplining Naughty DoctorKanon is a young, proud, and selfish doctor. Shoko, a veteran nurse decides to teach her a lesson when the doctor utters abusive words to her patient.
Girls Band's RegulationShort film. Ena, a member of a girls' band, is given a spanking over her leather pants by the leader of the band for her repeated mistakes while performing live.
Who is happier?Yuki and Erika both are housewives living in the same condo. One day they talk and Yuki shows an interest in the spanking Erika gets from her husband.

Did you know that spanking is a common practice in most Asian countries? And that is for a good reason!

By tradition, corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure is still common practice in most Asian countries. In school, in universities, even at the workplace during apprenticeship, and of course most frequently, applied at home. Now you may wonder, what are we telling here? Isn't this all fiction? Or is it indeed true?? Well, we know the answer, but investigate yourself, you will be surprised!

Ask Yourself :

How come that some of the most educated students, the most respectful girlfriends and wives, and some of the most successful business ladies are coming from Asian countries? You see what we mean?

ErikaSuzuTrouble at CaféSuzu, a young girl, talks loudly on the phone in a cafe. Another customer Erika warns her but the cheeky girl never pay attention in it. Erika is upset and gives the girl a lesson she won't ever forget.
ManamiMariPoker games Part 1Mari and Manami enjoy betting in poker games. In this film, Mari wins three games in a row and spanks Manami: first over her clothing, then over the panties and finally her bare bottom.
YuiMariaMind your MannersA small party in the office at the end of the year - The employee Yui and Maria get a little wasted, and this does not make their boss happy. To wrap up the year, the boss gives them a good, sound spanking.
MaiShihoThe ScapegoatShiho, who works for a rich family as a maid, covered up the boy's bad behavior and received a punishment as his scapegoat several years ago. And today, she has a trouble in dealing with him again. This story is shot from the viewpoint of the son.
RemiNoaFailure To Pay RentNoa is angry at her older roommate Remi who spent money and did not pay her share of the rent. The mature woman learns a painful lesson on her sexy behind.
EnaShijimiGraduation ThesisEna, a college student, who is using Spanking as the theme of her graduation thesis. She rents an android for her laboratory use to complish the thesis.
YukaKarinTomboy Daughter and Female ButlerYuka, a female butler, is in charge of disciplining the daughter of the house Karin by her parents. The tomboy daughter picks a fight with the butler and gives her an unreasonable spanking.
MikiMariaTriangle Love SpankingMiki and Maria are invoived with each other and their expression of love is a spanking. However Miki discovers Maria is seeing another girl and decides to settle the matter.
YuiSpanked College GirlYui, a college student, is called by the professor for the shortage of her credit for graduation. She is given a stern spanking on her bottom and the supplementary lessons.
RikoPunishment in the Japanese RoomRiko is scolded by her mother in the Japanese-tatami room. Then she is given a sound spanking for staying out overnight with her boyfriend without permission.
RioRyoLust - From 'Seven Deadly Sins'I am going to use the power of God to punish those who commit the seven deadly sins. This time I will punish my friend's girlfriend who seduces many boys with her feminine charms.
MikiYumaUnfilmed spanking Part 2Despite the absent photographer, Miki and Yuma have a great time together. Miki gets her mature butt soundly thrashed by Yuma. How lucky we are to see the girls having so much sexy pleasure!
I want to be a HSP SpankeeA lady watches HSP spanking videos and wants to be an actress to spank young girls. However she becomes a HSP spankee instead!
RikoCaught faking illnessRiko fakes illness to stay home from school at her aunt's house. However she is caught playing with her smartphone and given a severe corporal punishment by her strict aunt.
MaiErikaSuzuTrouble at Café IIErika, a cafe customer, talks loudly on the phone. Cafe waitress Suzu politely warns her, but the poor cafe maid finds herself getting spanked soundly by the arrogant customer.
YumaMy aunt is a spanking enthusiast IIYuma is forced to reflect in the loft room and then is given a severe OTK spanking by the strict aunt. Eventually, she discovers that her aunt is a real spanking enthusiast.
MikuJunkoDaughter's Money TroubleA mother receives a complaint call from the mother of her daughter's friend. She hears that her daughter has borrowed a lot of money from her friend, but has not paid her back. The mother is furious and decides to teach her daughter a harsh lesson.
Painful Valentine's DayAl asks her boyfriend out on Valentine's Day and breaks her curfew. She is then scolded and punished by her mother with a severe thrashing on her pretty bottom.
ManamiGoing back homeTaking advantage of her time off, Manami decides to go back home. However, she receives an OTK spanking from her angry mother who comes across her poor marks and finds her behavior unacceptable.
Stepmom becomes a spanked schoolgirlA step-mom accuses her step-daughter of bad grades so she can indulge in her spanking fantasy. But the step-mom's vanity causes her to receive a humiliating spanking as a schoolgirl!
Witness-punishment for bullyingA boy who was being bullied by two girls will have to witness them being punished by the teacher who caught them. This story is shot from the viewpoint of a male student.
ErikaYukaOur RivalryErika and Yuka have been rivals in swimming for many years. Yuka, who could never seem to win against Erika, was finally able to defeat her rival and gives a sound spanking!
NoaSpanking from friend's mother IINoa, who is interested in spanking, visits her friend's mother to ask her own punishment as she hears about the spanking her friend got.
UreaShinobuA lesson for the BabysitterSequel to Urea's New Babysitter. When Shinobu tries further punishment,Urea traps the babysitter for an experience the babysitter will long remember.Shinobu finds herself on the receiving end. Join for Full Download of All Videos

Best Of - Editors Choice on Apr 22

Student gets unfair spanking - The day before Halloween Noa is kept in after school and given an ...
Spanked in Yukata Dress - Nao returns home after staying out overnight while her mother is away. ...
Punishment in Sickroom - Sequel to 'Doctor's Orders 2016'. Maria is hospitalized and feels uncomfortable. ...
Spanker's Eye View II - Remi, who has a taste for spanking, spanks her submissive partner over the ...
Unavoidable showdown - Two models, who have known each other since they are very little, have a darts ...
Punishment Notebook II - Ruri finds out about the notebook and writes a revenge story: a spanking ...
Spy on Sister's Spanking - Short film. Shiho hears a noise from her big sister's room and finds the ...
Punishment Records of our House Part 1 - Arisa's family has been filming their punishments as records ...
Teacher's plans backfires - Yuria the teacher is going to blackmail her student and the student's ...
The art of spanking Part 2 - It seems that Ayako isn't really a famous artist and is just abusing ...
Rookie Teacher Caught Peeping and Spanked - Noa the rookie teacher finds a bad student, who always ...
Proof of Punishment - Emiri and her mother visit the house of Emiri's classmate to apologize for ...
Confession of her punishment Part 2 - Yuma is caught showing her bare bottom to her boyfriend by ...
Erotic Love Spanking - Novelist Yumiko is fascinated with her assistant's round bottom. She sensually ...
Discipline Office - Miho, an office worker, is summoned by her strict superior. She is admonished ...
My mother is too strict - Part 2 - After hearing Rina's spanking episode her cousin Hana comes out ...
I watched it! - Harua, who is ordered to do the homework for her bullying classmate Urea, visits ...
Neighborhood Dispute - Ayako breaks the condo rules repeatedly. She ignores the warning from Mari, ...
Nostalgic Roommate Ver. II - Yui and Yuko are friends who have moved into an apartment together. ...
Nursery Institution for Grown-Ups - Part 1 - Yui finds a website accepting applicants for the nursery ...

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