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Asian Spanking

All about Spanking and Corporal Punishment in Asian Countries

Asian girls are aware, as a part of their culture and tradition, that disobedience, truculence, bad conduct or criminal behavior will result into tears, shame and a sore bottom. They learn their lessons quickly, from intense and regular spankings across the knee of their educators. It becomes much more difficult and painful when they grow older, when dreaded implements like the strap, the wooden paddle and most of all the cane are the only reasonable response to misbehavior and disrespect, sometimes even on a daily basis if required. You will hardly find an Asian girl who did not make this experience, when she found herself in the corner, with tears running down her face, with her sore and swollen bottom exposed after a well-deserved thrashing, typically applied in front of family members, friends or workmates, to add further embarrassment.

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Apr 18Career Woman's WeaknessShoko is a CEO gifted with both wits and beauty. She is a career woman who can do will in everything, but the only thing she can't handle is a dentist's drill. One day, the pain in her tooth becomes intolerable...
Apr 09Forgotten HomeworkNao has been neglecting to turn in her homework, preferring to play a new video game instead. Her teacher, Erika has asked to see her after class, and decides to give her a spanking.
POV - Co-Workers PunishmentKanon and her co-worker Nozomi are called in to see the head nurse, and are told they will be given a punishment. This episode is shown from the viewpoint of Nozomi.
Help me, Mom!Nao is spanked by her stepmother. During the spanking, her real mother arrives and helps Nao get her revenge on the stepmother. The stepmom gets a red bottom from a stern spanking from the stepdaughter and her mom.
Escaped PrisonerWhile relaxing in her apartment, Rina's doorbell rings and she opens the door without seeing who it is. She is threatened by an escaped prisoner who has entered in, but then later things take an unexpected turn...
In TranceShort film. Junko and Miku put each other under hypnosis and fall into a trance. They suddenly cry, laugh and spank each other. Mysterious forces are at work.
Gluttony - From 'Seven Deadly Sins'I am going to use the power of God to punish those who commit the seven deadly sins. This time I will punish a girl who goes to gym to lose weight, but cheats on her diet.
Advice from FatherA mother scolds her daughter in the Japanese room. The mother calls her husband and gets his advice - he recommends giving the daughter a severe spanking.
Spanking in the FutureRio and Ryo are living together in an apartment. When Rio is leaving on a trip Ryo stays behind tries the hologram for giving the older girl a nice spanking.
Disciplining Naughty DoctorKanon is a young, proud, and selfish doctor. Shoko, a veteran nurse decides to teach her a lesson when the doctor utters abusive words to her patient.
Girls Band's RegulationShort film. Ena, a member of a girls' band, is given a spanking over her leather pants by the leader of the band for her repeated mistakes while performing live.
Who is happier?Yuki and Erika both are housewives living in the same condo. One day they talk and Yuki shows an interest in the spanking Erika gets from her husband.

Did you know that spanking is a common practice in most Asian countries? And that is for a good reason!

By tradition, corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure is still common practice in most Asian countries. In school, in universities, even at the workplace during apprenticeship, and of course most frequently, applied at home. Now you may wonder, what are we telling here? Isn't this all fiction? Or is it indeed true?? Well, we know the answer, but investigate yourself, you will be surprised!

Ask Yourself :

How come that some of the most educated students, the most respectful girlfriends and wives, and some of the most successful business ladies are coming from Asian countries? You see what we mean?

MikuJunkoLet's Play Spanking Video Game!Miku is into filming herself playing various video games. She plays a spanking video game taking her mother as an enemy witch this time.
YukaKarinSpanking lesson by tutorStrict tutor Yuka is upset with an unmotivated student, Karin. The tutor decides the girl needs a punishment to learn her lesson. Watch as karin receives a sound spanking she won't ever forget.
SatomiSpanking DepositSatomi, who is constantly making errors, is told she'll receive punishment from her mother. She is spanked soundly over her mother's knee.
KarinKarin's DaydreamKarin is always playing with her smartphone. Her mother decides to give her a lesson and a stern spanking is in order. Frustrated Karin gets revenge on her mother in her daydream.
YuiYukoNostalgic Roommate Ver. IIYui and Yuko are friends who have moved into an apartment together. Yui confesses to Yuko that she misses her mother's spankings, and Yuko offers to spank her.
YukaKarinSpanking PositionsWhat kind of spanking positions do you like? Two new models - Yuka and Karin - demonstrate various spanking positions this time.
ErikaYukaOur RivalryErika and Yuka have been rivals in swimming for many years. Yuka, who could never seem to win against Erika, was finally able to defeat her rival and gives a sound spanking!
UreaHaruaI watched it!Harua, who is ordered to do the homework for her bullying classmate Urea, visits the classmate's house. She finds the classmate getting spanked by her mother through the gap in the door.
SayaYuiNursery Institution for Grown-Ups - Part 2Yui visits the nursery institution for the interview. She hears the sound through the door of a spanking that Saya, another applicant, is receiving from the teacher.
RinaAlternative Punishment Part 2After the first spanking Rina is forced to bend over the aunt's knee again. She is given even harder spanking on her sore bottom. After the punishment they have dinner and chat as if nothing happened.
MikiRinaEnaFirst Dream of the Year - Chapter IIRina wakes up in the morning of New Year's Day. She then has a visit from the neighbor girl and her mother. Then she realizes the one who partied too crazy was nobody but herself.
Sisters in law 2014Yui has a visit from Yuu, her older sister-in-law, and gets interested in spanking while they are talking. Yui spanks her sister out of curiosity, followed by a role reversal thrashing!
YuriaCaught on an adult siteYuria, a girl with a strong curiosity, is caught browsing an adult site by her older sister. Yuria is given a sound spanking by the sister to keep her from talking to their parents.
RemiMoeMoe's training service Part 2Remi isn't too happy about Moe's expensive service, or her bad attitude to clients. She gives Moe what she deserves - a thrashing on her pretty young bottom!
AyakoRemiThe TragedyAyako, a young announcer, is trapped into receiving a hard spanking by Remi, a senior announcer who hates her. The older woman makes a photographer film the spanking completely.
MisakiMisaki the teacherShe receives her own OTK spanking from the PTA chairperson when her students perform especially poorly.
RukaDisciplinarian MaidRuka, a maid and tutor, is given a spanking for Kumi's daughter's grades getting worse. Afterwards, Ruka is upset with the daughter's rude attitude and gives the daughter a harsh spanking.
MikiRinaEnaFirst Dream of the YearBetween New Year's Eve and the morning of New Year's Day. Rina could not sleep well due to the noise from the next door. Then she has a visit from the naughty neighbor daughter and her mother. This episode is portrayed by the viewpoint of Rina.
KarinGraduation from SpankingThe hard-and-fast rule exists in Karin's family. The time has come for her to graduate from spanking. She has to accept her last spanking according to the rule.
HaruaYoung wife with naked apronHarua, a newly-wed young wife, puts on a naked apron to please her husband. Unfortunately she is caught and punished by her strict mother for the unladylike behavior.
ErikaNaoYukiTaking TurnsMother and daughter have a visit from the daughter's aunt. The daughter damaged her aunt's car the previous day. Her angry aunt and mother take turns spanking her severely.
Envy - From 'Seven Deadly Sins'I am going to use the power of God to punish who commit the seven deadly sins. This time my little sister is given a spanking for her envious behavior. The first film based on 'Seven Deadly Sins' portrayed from the viewpoint of the man.
YuiNursery Institution for Grown-Ups - Part 1Yui finds a website accepting applicants for the nursery institution. She imagines herself getting spanked and clicks the submit button for an interview appointment.
MizueMoms New FriendMizue, a sexy woman, is a real spanking enthusiast no matter what age she is. She wants to trick Ai, her daughter's friend, to spank her. The friend is happy to spank her. Join for Full Download of All Videos

Best Of - Editors Choice on Apr 19

 Unannounced Homecoming - Noa returns home with unannounced after several years. Actually, she comes to ask her mother for money to cover her debt.
Yuiko's Secret - Yuiko, a housewife, has her own secret - adoration toward a spanking. She spanks ...
Proof of Punishment - Emiri and her mother visit the house of Emiri's classmate to apologize for ...
Sloth - From 'Seven Deadly Sins' - I am going to use the power of God to punish those who commit ...
Ruka, the Spankee - Ruka is a young girl who likes to fantasize about spanking. in the fantasies ...
Poker games Part 1 - Mari and Manami enjoy betting in poker games. In this film, Mari wins three ...
Rookie Teacher Caught Peeping and Spanked - Noa the rookie teacher finds a bad student, who always ...
The Professional Disciplinarian - Karin's mother asks the dispatch company for a professional disciplinarian ...
Therapeutic Spanking - Miki has a problem with spanking and she consults a young doctor Maria. The ...
Good Student versus Bad Student - Maria, a bad student, bullies Ruka, a good student, with a spanking. ...
Punishment in Sickroom - Sequel to 'Doctor's Orders 2016'. Maria is hospitalized and feels uncomfortable. ...
Spanking over bloomers - Yuuri, a member of the school volleyball team, is given a sound spanking ...
What she draws - Saya lets her sister Yuri ask her for one wish. Of the three cards of the three ...
The reward of victory - A tennis coach deals with the girls strictly and she sometimes spanks them. ...
 Old-Fashioned OTK - A short film. Yurina is soundly spanked over Madoka's knee. Few dialog but good old fashined spanking.
Playing with Friend's Mom - Nao has fantasized about her friend's mother's sexy bottom. She visits ...
Teachers Meeting II - Young teacher Maria reveals that she enjoyed being spanked. Her colleagues ...
Neighborhood Dispute - Ayako breaks the condo rules repeatedly. She ignores the warning from Mari, ...
Teacher's plans backfires - Yuria the teacher is going to blackmail her student and the student's ...
Urea's Live Broadcast - Urea broadcasts live late at night. Angry, her sister comes in and punishes ...

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New Resident AsiaHe asks her if she's going to behave in future and she quietly answers yes. Even though she has agreed to stick to the school rules, Michael says he's going to give her a final eight strokes of the carpet beater and she is to count each stroke and thank him for it.
Lola Spanked by Mom: Day TwoLola Chan has not learned her lesson. When her mom (An Li) walks into her bedroom, Lola continues to sass her and when she says 'screw you' her mom puts her over her knee for another long, hard spanking on her already sore bottom. And this time, she even uses a hairbrush.
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Hogtie Enemas and Caning in Suspension for Schoolgirl LeilaThe Schoolmaster places Leila on a sex swing, and proceeds to spank her, paddle her with a riding crop, and cane her. For extra humiliation, Leila's ass gets stuffed with a pig-tail butt plug, and her mouth gets stuffed up with the Schoolmaster's cock!
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